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Hi Welcome to Raj Metha Photography. The very objective of our existence is solely to capture the finest details of your finest moments via photography. We passionately embrace the art and value that photography holds and gives to people who fill their lives with great moments, one after another. Each relationship that ties people, each moments that describe your joy, each touch that portrays your genuine intent are more than worth to be captured at its best. We believe that each of your moments are magical and blessed, and with that in mind we take great pleasure and care in glorifying the statement with our photography and art work. We humbly request you to take a tour of some of the finest true moments, of true people, captured and shared by us in recent times. Your imagination on how your crowning moments should be is valuable to us. Please share your ideas and expectation, and that combined with our experience and creativity will really work towards exceeding your satisfaction. To start planning, please contact us in advance so that we can accommodate and schedule accordingly to make it BIG on your BIG day.
A photographer and a creative designer specializing in wedding photojournalism and conceptual pre-wedding shoots. Carries 9 years of extensive experience and accolades in custom and specialized photography. Conversant with different types of photography including events, concerts, corporate, portrait and special projects & currently imparting this knowledge to upcoming photographers through workshops. An international photographer who is competent in capturing high quality images and organizing materials for thematic photoshoots, while displaying in-depth knowledge in working with advanced photography equipments and tools. Being the Founder and Managing Director of KMR Design company has contributed in being well-versed in both the photography and advertising industry.
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In DIGIMAX video Productions , our concept is to render your wedding videography to be a movie of unforgettable memories to both families, friends and most importantly, your love for each other. .......................... In FRIXIE video Production , With cinematic feel and innovative design your wedding film will document your entire wedding day down to the finest detail and preserve the precious memories for a lifetime.